Building thought leadership at Startups

Startups do some great work. But there’s usually a gap between who they are in reality and how they talk about themselves on their leadership handles or sometimes with the media. This is because leaders don’t invest enough time or energy in original thought leadership. They outsource the thinking and expect it to work. This […]

How to create, launch and grow a podcast

👋 I’m Jayadevan PK, a writer, podcaster, and creator. I’ve been involved with podcasts for four years and I’ve created two successful podcasts (1,2) with over 100,000 downloads.  If you’re just curious about podcasting, you’ll find several resources on the web. In fact, I started out that way and it works. But if you’d like someone […]

A practical guide to get fit

A couple of weeks ago I said I’d start running again. I found some time to squeeze in a few runs and it felt great to be back. I’ve been meaning to write about fitness for a while now and I’m doing that now. But what’s a fitness post without a before and after pic […]

📖 How I became a better reader

Some time ago we were talking and our editor said, ‘Books are to your mind what gyms are to your body.’ Books do great things to your mind. But there are way too many books out there. Over 500,000 books are published a year in the United States alone. It takes about 10-15 hours to read a […]

💡Ideas about ideas

On rare occasions, I get asked: What’s an interesting problem to work on? Or like: I want to start up but I don’t know how to go about applying myself. When I quit FactorDaily, the media company we started, I asked myself this question. What’s a good problem to pick? Finding your calling, or THE […]

✍🏽 Become a better writer in 3 minutes?

It takes about three minutes to read this. Not three minutes to become a better writer.  If you got to this line, it means I haven’t lost you already and that’s good enough for now. What I’m about to write is only for people who want to write better and have the time to invest […]